Teaching | Text Data Course

This pageĀ hosts material for a mini-course in text analysis and machine learning, with a focus on legal and political applications.

Teach yourself Python, Text Analysis, and ML

Slides: 90-Minute Intro to Text Data (May 2019)

Materials for Six-Day Course (Sept 2018)

Course Syllabus

Slides and Code Notebooks

Python Setup Instructions

Problem Sets


Math for Social Science

Data Analysis Workflow

Twitter Thread on “Skills Readings”

On posing research questions

How to do an Applied Micro Talk

Varanya Chaubey, The Little Book of Research Writing (Amazon Link)

A guide to writing in economics

Managing your Research Pipeline

Guide to journal submission

Twitter thread on revisions

Machine Learning

Math for Machine Learning

Deep Learning for Coders


Introduction to Stata

Stata Cheat Sheet


Codecademy Online Python Course

Python for Economists

Python for Econometrics

Stata to Python Recipes


Text Data Course 2017 (Max Planck Summer School)